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Walkthrough 4

Pokemon Platinum
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The Pokemon League
Hearthome City

After beating Fantina, heal up your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center and then head east. You're going to want to make your way towards Veilstone City to get to your 4th Gym Badge.

As you exit the eastern exit, Rival will appear and challenge you to a fight inside of the route pass!

Boss Fight
PKMN   Trainer PKMN Trainer Rival (if you picked Turtwig) $2700
Staravia Staravia M Normal / Flying Lv. 25
605 EXP
Buizel Buizel M Water Lv. 23
369 EXP
Roselia Roselia M Grass / Poison Lv. 23
748 EXP
Monferno Monferno M Fire / Fighting Lv. 27
820 EXP
PKMN   Trainer PKMN Trainer Rival (if you picked Chimchar) $2700
Staravia Staravia M Normal / Flying Lv. 25
605 EXP
Ponyta Ponyta M Fire Lv. 23
748 EXP
Roselia Roselia M Grass / Poison Lv. 23
748 EXP
Prinplup Prinplup M Water Lv. 27
827 EXP
PKMN   Trainer PKMN Trainer Rival (if you picked Piplup) $2700
Staravia Staravia M Normal / Flying Lv. 25
605 EXP
Buizel Buizel M Water Lv. 23
369 EXP
Ponyta Ponyta M Fire Lv. 23
748 EXP
Grotle Grotle M Grass Lv. 27
815 EXP

His Pokemon should give you a pretty good challenge. His starting Pokemon is even more powerful than Fantina's Mismagius, so be on guard! Not only that, but it has an ability that increases the power of its type's attacks if its HP falls below 1/3, so expect to take a lot more damage when his starting Pokemon is weak. Taking on his Pokemon with types that they're weak to is, obviously, the best way to win, but you may not be able to cover all of them with your team, so just hit whatever ones you can't cover with the strongest attacks you have.

After beating him, heal up your Pokemon if necessary, then head east onto Route 209.

Route 209
Route 209
Enc. Rate: 30
Wild Pokemon Type(s) Level(s) Morn. Day Night
Roselia Roselia Grass / Poison Lv. 19 ~ 20
EXP: 411 ~ 433
25% 25% 25%
Bibarel Bibarel Normal / Water Lv. 18 ~ 19
EXP: 297 ~ 313
30% 30% 30%
Staravia Staravia Normal / Flying Lv. 18 ~ 19
EXP: 290 ~ 306
20% 20% 10%
Ralts Ralts Psychic Lv. 17 ~ 19
EXP: 169 ~ 189
20% 20% 10%
Chansey Chansey Normal Lv. 17, 19
EXP: 619 ~ 692
5% 5% 5%
Zubat Zubat Poison / Flying Lv. 19
EXP: 145
0% 0% 10%
Duskull Duskull Ghost Lv. 17
EXP: 235
0% 0% 10%

Some new Pokemon on the route include Chansey and Duskull. Both are more defensive-minded Pokemon, so you may not want to consider adding them to your team unless you have a lot of patience.

Route 209 is pretty straightforward. Just head east along the bridges, picking up any items you come across.

On one of the piers, talk to a Fisherman there and answer yes to his questions and he'll give you a Good Rod. Finally you can catch things other than Magikarp! You can catch Goldeen (in the area), Barboach (Mt. Coronet), and Finneon (Valley Windworks).

At the middle of the route, when the route turns north, you'll find an odd looking pile of rocks. That's the ruins of the Hallowed Tower and you can put your Odd Keystone into it in order to start the process to get yourself the elusive Pokemon, Spiritomb.

How to get Spiritomb

SpiritombSpiritomb is one of those Pokemon that not quite everyone can figure out how to catch, because it involves some underground work — literally! After dropping the Odd Keystone inside (you can get one on Route 208 west of Hearthome City by talking to the Black Belt), you'll find very little has changed. What do you need to do next?

Well after dropping the Odd Keystone in, you need to go underground by using the Explorer Kit, and talk to as many players down there as you can! Yes, that means players actually playing their Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum versions; NPCs don't count. Just talk to them while you're down there.

You'll need to talk to other players a total of 32 times down there in order for Spiritomb to appear at the Hallowed Tower. Then you can just return to the Hallowed Tower and fight a level 25 Spiritomb.

The quickest way to do this is to get a friend (or, if you have two Nintendo DS systems and two versions of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum, you can just do this yourself) to go underground. Either go over to your friend's base or have your friend go to yours, then talk to your friend and go into your base, leave your base, and repeat. It's important that you either go into a base or dig for some treasure between each time you talk to make sure it counts. Just have them sit there for you, parked right outside of a base, and you'll get to 32 conversations without much hassle. (It's courteous to let them talk to you 32 times afterward, though, so they can get one, too!)

If you want another Spiritomb after fighting the first, you can repeat the steps as many times as you want, though you'll need to find more Odd Keystones underground, which are quite rare to find.

Near the end of Route 209, you'll see an obelisk-like location to your right. That's the Lost Tower. It's an optional place where you can find Gastly or Duskull and can pick up some items, but since the upper floors are covered with a thick fog, you're best off returning after you've picked up HM05 (Defog) in the Solaceon Ruins just ahead.

Solaceon Town

Solaceon Town is a pretty quiet town, but one that offers some unique facilities for you to use. As soon as you enter, your Rival will appear and tell you to check out the Solaceon Ruins. You'll definitely want to do that before leaving town.

Perhaps the most useful thing that Solaceon Town has is the Pokemon Day-Care. By talking to the elderly lady inside of the house on the northwestern end of town, you can drop off up to two of your Pokemon with her and her husband to have them raise them for you. Every step you take will give the Pokemon staying there +1 EXP. It costs $100 plus $100 more for each level gained while staying there in order to take your Pokemon back.

However, if you leave a male Pokemon and a female Pokemon, and the two share an Egg Group (you can see which Egg Group a Pokemon has in the Pokedex section of the site), the elderly man outside of the house will be facing east indicating that he has an Egg for you! He doesn't know how it got there, but he'll give it to you, and after a few thousand steps, it'll hatch into a level 1 Pokemon of the female's species. Pretty nifty!

After you've dropped one of your Pokemon off at the Pokemon Day-Care, a guy will appear inside of the house (you may want to leave and then enter again). Talk to him and he'll give you the Day-Care Checker Poketch app that lets you see which two Pokemon you have there, their levels and gender, and whether there's an egg or not.

Also in town is the Pokemon News Press right next door to the Pokemon Center, and each day they may ask to see a certain Pokemon. If you bring them the Pokemon, he'll give you three copies of a random type of Poke Ball (no Master Balls, obviously) along with a Heart Scale.

You can hop down the ledges in the northeastern part of Solaceon Town to get to certain houses and the Solaceon Ruins. By hopping down the middle ledge and talking to the mother inside of the house, you'll net yourself the Seal Case, which lets you store Seals (stickers that you can put on your Poke Balls). By collecting them, you can apply them to your Pokemon's Poke Balls by going to (your name)'s PC in the Pokemon Center's PC, and then selecting Ball Capsules. You'll be able to create up to 12 different Ball Capsules and you can apply them to your Pokemon whenever you want, but you'll need to remove the Ball Capsule if ever you want to put the Pokemon in the PC.

Be sure to talk to her son later on, after you've visted the Solaceon Ruins. If you have Unowns in your party, he'll give you Seals for whatever letter the Unown is for. Those can be particularly fun for spelling out words whenever the Pokemon is freed from its Poke Ball.

The Solaceon Ruins can be accessed by hopping down the eastern-most ledge. They're inside of that cavern you find over there.

Before checking them out, though, stop by the Poke Mart and buy some Dusk Balls for $1000 each. They're amazing and usually the best type of Poke Ball you can use to catch Pokemon with. Inside of dark locations or during the night time hours, they have 4x the catch rate of a standard Poke Ball (as opposed to Ultra Balls having just 2x the catch rate).

Solaceon Ruins
Solaceon Ruins
Enc. Rate: 10
Wild Pokemon Type(s) Level(s) Morn. Day Night
Unown Unown Psychic Lv. 20 ~ 30
EXP: 174 ~ 261
100% 100% 100%

The Solaceon Ruins are a lot like a big maze. If you examine the glyphs on the northern wall when you first enter, you'll see a lot of text written in Unown — if you know how to read Unown, you'll know what it says, but otherwise you can just follow this guide to get through and know which directions to go.

First Room
Fire Stone * To 2nd Room

Dead End
Second Room
(To 1st Room) Dead End
To 3rd Room Dead End

Third Room
Dead End To 4th Room
Water Stone * (To 2nd Room)
Fourth Room
To 5th Room
(To 3rd Room) Dead End

Fifth Room
To 6th Room (To 4th Room)
Dead End Thunderstone *
Sixth Room
Dead End (To 5th Room)
To Last Room Dead End

* items are hidden in the rocks. Press A against the rocks to find them.

Basically, if you want to get through the Ruins really quick, just follow these directions: Northeast, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest, Northwest, Southeast. That will get you through without any problems. However, if you look at the tables above, you'll notice that you can pick up a Fire Stone, Water Stone, and Thunderstone down there, too, which are all helpful in evolving your Pokemon. If you've got an Eevee and you're looking to evolve it into one of those evolutions, you'll definitely want to be sure to pick those up!

In the third room, you'll find a Ruin Maniac to battle. He's pretty easy, though.

Trainers at Solaceon Ruins
Ruin Maniac Ruin Maniac Karl $1104
Geodude Geodude M Rock / Ground Lv. 19
297 EXP
Geodude Geodude M Rock / Ground Lv. 21
328 EXP
Bronzor Bronzor M Steel / Psychic Lv. 23
353 EXP

At the last room, you'll find four items on the ground, as well as a message on the wall. I'll leave it to you to translate the message; it's not important, really. The real treasure down here are the four items, which are a Nugget, HM05 (Defog), a Mind Plate, and the Odd Incense. The Mind Plate and Odd Incense can be used to increase the power of Psychic-type attacks, where Defog is used to clear up foggy areas like in the Lost Tower. It isn't required to get Defog, but it's highly recommended. Just make sure you don't teach it to one of your good Pokemon, because Defog is a really bad move.

Speaking of the Lost Tower, I'll cover that now before you head north onto Route 210. It's a good time to check it out anyway.

Lost Tower
Lost Tower 1F, 2F
Enc. Rate: 10
Wild Pokemon Type(s) Level(s) Morn. Day Night
Gastly Gastly Ghost / Poison Lv. 17 ~ 20
EXP: 230 ~ 271
65% 65% 45%
Zubat Zubat Poison / Flying Lv. 17 ~ 19
EXP: 130 ~ 145
35% 35% 35%
Duskull Duskull Ghost Lv. 17, 19
EXP: 235 ~ 263
0% 0% 20%
Lost Tower 3F
Enc. Rate: 10
Wild Pokemon Type(s) Level(s) Morn. Day Night
Gastly Gastly Ghost / Poison Lv. 18 ~ 21
EXP: 244 ~ 285
64% 64% 44%
Zubat Zubat Poison / Flying Lv. 18 ~ 20
EXP: 137 ~ 153
35% 35% 35%
Golbat Golbat Poison / Flying Lv. 21
EXP: 513
1% 1% 1%
Duskull Duskull Ghost Lv. 18, 20
EXP: 249 ~ 277
0% 0% 20%
Lost Tower 4F
Enc. Rate: 10
Wild Pokemon Type(s) Level(s) Morn. Day Night
Gastly Gastly Ghost / Poison Lv. 18 ~ 21
EXP: 244 ~ 285
60% 60% 40%
Zubat Zubat Poison / Flying Lv. 18 ~ 20
EXP: 137 ~ 153
35% 35% 35%
Golbat Golbat Poison / Flying Lv. 21
EXP: 513
5% 5% 5%
Duskull Duskull Ghost Lv. 18, 20
EXP: 249 ~ 277
0% 0% 20%
Lost Tower 5F
Enc. Rate: 10
Wild Pokemon Type(s) Level(s) Morn. Day Night
Gastly Gastly Ghost / Poison Lv. 19 ~ 22
EXP: 257 ~ 298
55% 55% 35%
Zubat Zubat Poison / Flying Lv. 19 ~ 21
EXP: 145 ~ 161
35% 35% 35%
Golbat Golbat Poison / Flying Lv. 22
EXP: 537
10% 10% 10%
Duskull Duskull Ghost Lv. 19, 21
EXP: 263 ~ 291
0% 0% 20%

You can find Gastly, Duskull, and Zubat here, as well as a bunch of Trainers. On the upper floors, you can also encounter Golbat, but unless you're in a huge hurry to get a Golbat, it's not really that big of a deal. The main Pokemon of interest here is Duskull, but you can only find it at night.

Make your way through the first two floors, picking up the items along the way. Some of the most noteworthy items are the Oval Stone and another copy of TM27 (Return).

On the third floor and up, you'll have to use Defog to clear the fog, unless you want to fight each battle with really poor accuracy.

At the very top, use Defog to clear away the fog and then talk to the two old ladies to receive a Spell Tag to increase the power of the holder's Ghost-type attacks, and a Cleanse Tag, which is a held item that reduces the chances of running into wild Pokemon, as long as they're lower level than the Pokemon holding the item.

Route 210 (South)
Route 210 (South)
Enc. Rate: 30
Wild Pokemon Type(s) Level(s) Morn. Day Night
Staravia Staravia Normal / Flying Lv. 19
EXP: 306
20% 20% 20%
Geodude Geodude Rock / Ground Lv. 18
EXP: 187
20% 20% 20%
Scyther Scyther Bug / Flying Lv. 19, 21
EXP: 507 ~ 561
15% 5% 5%
Ponyta Ponyta Fire Lv. 19 ~ 21
EXP: 411 ~ 455
25% 35% 15%
Roselia Roselia Grass / Poison Lv. 20 ~ 21
EXP: 433 ~ 455
15% 15% 15%
Chansey Chansey Normal Lv. 19, 21
EXP: 692 ~ 765
5% 5% 5%
Noctowl Noctowl Normal / Flying Lv. 21
EXP: 485
0% 0% 10%
Hoothoot Hoothoot Normal / Flying Lv. 20
EXP: 164
0% 0% 10%

There's a lot of thick, tall grass here that you can't even ride your bike through. There's also quite a few Trainers around, including some Pokemon Breeders you might appreciate fighting to see some interesting new Pokemon.

One new Pokemon you can find here is Scyther, which is not just pretty popular, but pretty powerful, too. Catching one and training it up will serve you well, and you'll get yourself the Metal Coat you need to evolve it into Scizor on Iron Island around the time you get your 6th Gym Badge, though it's a perfectly capable fighter until then.

Above the muddy slope on the hill directly north from Solaceon Town, you can head east down that and over to the northern part of the cliff to talk to the person there and receive TM51 (Roost). That's a nice move for online battles or fights against friends, where you can't use any sort of potions or healing items, but for in-game purposes, you won't really need it and will find it's better just buying healing items.

Speaking of buying healing items, be sure to stop by the Cafe in the clearing! You can buy Moomoo Milk either singularly or by the dozen. I recommend buying one or two dozen, because this stuff works great! It costs only $500 and heals a whopping 100 HP! Super Potions cost $700 and heal 50 HP, so you do the math. They're the best healing item you can get until your Pokemon start having 150+ Max HP, when you'll want to move on to Hyper Potions.

You may notice some Psyducks strategically blocking your path to the northern part of Route 210. That's really a bummer. I hate it when Psyducks get in my way! You'll need to wait until later in the game to get them to move, unfortunately, so head east to Route 215 instead.

Route 215
Route 215
Enc. Rate: 30
Wild Pokemon Type(s) Level(s) Morn. Day Night
Staravia Staravia Normal / Flying Lv. 19, 21, 22
EXP: 306 ~ 355
30% 40% 20%
Marill Marill Water Lv. 20 ~ 22
EXP: 164 ~ 181
25% 25% 45%
Scyther Scyther Bug / Flying Lv. 20, 22
EXP: 534 ~ 587
15% 5% 5%
Lickitung Lickitung Normal Lv. 20
EXP: 362
10% 10% 10%
Abra Abra Psychic Lv. 19
EXP: 203
10% 10% 10%
Kadabra Kadabra Psychic Lv. 21 ~ 22
EXP: 435 ~ 455
10% 10% 10%

There's not just one, but two new Pokemon here for you to run into! Both Marill and Lickitung are new Pokemon you'll have the opportunity to catch and train if you'd like.

It's raining in the entire route, meaning all Water-type attacks will have their power raised and Fire-type attacks will have their power weakened. Keep that in mind if you're using either of those two types.

You can find a few items along the way. Talking to the Black Belt on the rocky cliffs near the bridge will net you TM66, which contains Payback. There's also a Fist Plate that can be accessed only if you have a Pokemon with Cut on you. Later on in the route, you can also get TM34, which contains Shock Wave, if you use Cut on the bushes blocking some stairs down.

Veilstone City

Veilstone City's a pretty big place, but there's plenty of trouble stirring here, as this is where the Galactic HQ is located. Wander your way over to the Pokemon Center in the middle of town and heal up your Pokemon, the you're free to check out whatever you want to in town.

The Veilstone Department Store has a ton of items available for you to purchase there. You can buy TMs, Potions, all sorts of Poke Balls, and even Berries and Poffins in the basement.

1st Floor, Left Counter
Poke Ball $200
Great Ball $600
Ultra Ball $1200
Escape Rope $550
Poke Doll $1000
Repel $350
Super Repel $500
Max Repel $700
Grass Mail $50
Flame Mail $50
Bubble Mail $50
Space Mail $50
1st Floor, Right Counter
Potion $300
Super Potion $700
Hyper Potion $1200
Max Potion $2500
Revive $1500
Antidote $100
Parlyz Heal $200
Burn Heal $250
Ice Heal $250
Awakening $250
Full Heal $600
2nd Floor, Top Counter
X Speed $350
X Attack $500
X Defend $550
Guard Spec. $700
Dire Hit $650
X Accuracy $950
X Special $350
X Sp. Def $350
2nd Floor, Bottom Counter
Protein $9800
Iron $9800
Calcium $9800
Zinc $9800
Carbos $9800
HP Up $9800
3rd Floor, Top Counter
TM83 (Natural Gift) $2000
TM17 (Protect) $2000
TM54 (False Swipe) $2000
TM20 (Safeguard) $2000
TM33 (Reflect) $2000
TM16 (Light Screen) $2000
TM70 (Flash) $1000
3rd Floor, Bottom Counter
TM38 (Fire Blast) $5500
TM25 (Thunder) $5500
TM14 (Blizzard) $5500
TM22 (SolarBeam) $3000
TM52 (Focus Blast) $5500
TM15 (Hyper Beam) $7500
4th Floor, Top Counter
Yellow Cushion $500
Cupboard $1000
TV $4500
Refrigerator $1000
Pretty Sink $3000
4th Floor, Bottom Counter
MUNCHLAX Doll $2000
BONSLY Doll $2000
MIME JR. Doll $2000
MANTYKE Doll $3000
BUIZEL Doll $3000
CHATOT Doll $3000
5th Floor, Vending Machine
Fresh Water $200
Soda Pop $300
Lemonade $350

Yeah, needless to say there's a lot of stuff you can buy in the Department Store. Some of the most helpful items are are Revives, Hyper Potions (though stick with Moomoo Milks for now), some of the TMs, and the X items (X Attack, X Defend, etc.). If you can, try buy 10 Revives and at least 5 X Attacks, X Defends, X Specials, X Speeds, and X Sp. Defs. You can use those X items to raise your Pokemon's stats in a fight and they can really help turn the odds in your favor in fights against tough Gym Leaders. Try start out by using X Defend or X Sp. Def unless your Pokemon is very good at taking hits.

There's also a basement to the Department Store where you can buy Lava Cookies for only $200 each (they heal any status ailment, so they're 1/3rd the price of a Full Heal with the same effect) and some berries that are fair for Poffin making for only $20 each, making them very accessible and affordable. Though the Poffins for sale are amazing if you're looking to win Master Rank contests and don't want to make your own Poffins — buy about 7 or 8 of any of the Poffins for sale in the basement and you'll be able to max out one or two of your Pokemon's contest stats while still having a little room to spare. What a deal! All of the Poffins are level 32 with a Smooth of 20.

In the Department Store, you can talk one of the ladies at the counter on the 2nd Floor to get the Counter application for your Poketch which is just a counter thing that you press the button and it adds one to the count. It's useful if ever you need to count things. A collector on an upper floor (right beside another one) will give you a Sticky Barb if you talk to him, but you really don't need that, so don't worry. Lastly, there's a girl on the 1st Floor that will give you either a Chimchar Mask, a Turtwig Mask, or Piplup Mask accessory if you talk to her (the mask you get depends on which Pokemon you started with).

Other than the Department Store, there's another place where you can waste your money on: the Game Corner in the middle of town! However, you'll need the Coin Case first, so head down to the southeastern part of town. You can tlak to the Roughneck around there to get TM63 (Embargo), which isn't really all that useful of a move. The house on the left has a girl that will give your Pokemon a massage once per day to increase its happiness and also net you an accessory. The house on the right has the Coin Case, but you'll need to win the Clown's guessing game inside of there (it's not hard, don't worry; just try again if you fail) in order for him to give you the Coin Case.

Now that you have the Coin Case, you can check out the Game Corner and try your luck at its slot reels. You can buy coins for $20 per 1 coin, though you can only buy them in increments of 50 or 500 per purchase ($1000 for 50 coins and $10000 for 500 coins... why didn't they have a $100000 for 5000 coins option to make life easier?).

You can redeem these coins and any that you win in the house next door for some cool prizes.

Prize Exchange
Silk Scarf 1000C
Wide Lens 1000C
Zoom Lens 1000C
Metronome 1000C
TM90 (Substitute) 2000C
TM58 (Endure) 2000C
TM75 (Swords Dance) 4000C
TM32 (Double Team) 4000C
TM44 (Rest) 6000C
TM89 (U-Turn) 6000C
TM10 (Hidden Power) 6000C
TM27 (Return) 8000C
TM21 (Frustration) 8000C
TM35 (Flamethrower) 10000C
TM24 (Thunderbolt) 10000C
TM13 (Ice Beam) 10000C
TM29 (Psychic) 10000C
TM74 (Gyro Ball) 15000C
TM68 (Giga Impact) 20000C

A lot of these TMs are very good TMs, though they'll cost you a lot of money if you aren't very lucky at the slot reels.

Rock the Pory

PorygonYou can pick yourself a free Porygon if you talk to a man inside of one of the northeastern houses with a free space in your party. Why not get one? Porygon makes a pretty cool addition to most teams! Plus you should already have the Up-Grade from the Galactic Eterna Building, allowing you to evolve it into Porygon2 by trading it with a friend.

Whenever you're done wandering around town, head on over to the southeast part of Veilstone City and you'll find the Pokemon Gym. As you approach it, Dawn or Lucas will come over to you and tell you that they've either been shopping (Dawn) or have been at the Game Corner (Lucas), then a man will walk out of the Gym and sing a song. That's Crasher Wake, the Gym Leader of Pastoria Gym, and you'll have to fight him later on.

But that's later. Right now you need to set your sights on taking on the Gym!

Veilstone Gym

Veilstone Gym is another Gym that's been totally overhauled. In Diamond and Pearl, you used to slide this slide things around and pass through them; in Platinum you now have to knock around some punching bags and knock over piles of tires. Interesting!

Boss Fight
Leader Leader Maylene $????
Meditite Meditite F Fighting / Psychic Lv. 28
546 EXP
Machoke Machoke M Fighting Lv. 29
906 EXP
Lucario Lucario M Fighting / Steel Lv. 32
1,397 EXP
Fight for the Cobble Badge!

Strategy to be written at a later date, sorry!

The Fen Badge and beyond will be added later!
Walkthrough coverage on pause — bbl

Hey all, don't worry, I do have plans to finish the walkthrough coverage for Pokemon Platinum. Right now, my #1 priority has to be providing content and coverage for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, because covering the newest games is really important to not just me, but to a lot of other players out there.

It takes an enormous amount of time to write things as massive as walkthroughs. It isn't like I can just snap my fingers and have it automatically written. It can take over a hundred hours of typing to write a very thorough walkthrough! I will continue this, even if it isn't in as thorough detail, don't worry.

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